Saturday, March 10, 2007

Get ADT's walls to cleanup with multiple xref's

The posting below has been bastardized from an Autodesk Whitepaper: "Walls not cleaned up if multiple copies of the same xref are used". Published date: 2006-11-14 ID: TS1062866

So you say that you have multiple instances of the same xref in your (ADT, soon to be AutoCAD Architecture) drawing, and you noticed that in some of the placed instances not all of the walls are cleaned up? (I used to really hate this!!! That was before Revit became powerful enough for my liking (and use), now I really only care about ADT/ACAD because I have a lot of friends and clients that still use them...)

Now there is a moderately acceptable Solution (If you want to call it that)

This is a known issue in Autodesk® Architectural Desktop. The first instance of the xref determines how the cleanups will be resolved. This cleanup resolution is then applied to all placed instances of the xref.

As a workaround, you can reference the file into the drawing multiple times, providing a unique name for each instance of the xref. Follow these steps:

1) Insert the xref into the drawing.

2) In the Xref Manager, select the xref that you just placed, and then change its name.

3) Repeat this process for each of the xref files that you want to include in your drawing

he he he: he he -He said "CAD"...(say that in Buttheads voice for full effect)

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  1. I've had instances where the above suggestion STILL would not resolve it. It's a great idea, but something that still needs improvement if you ask me...