Sunday, December 23, 2007

Everything is Possible. ...the Wisdom of Clouds

So as I get closer to completing the transcripts for the "Why Can't (some) Designers Model (Design) in Revit" posting I have realized more and more clarity regarding some now core thoughts that I am aligning myself with and developing.

The first is I believe we must think large(r) (No I don't mean out of the box...I don't like using that tired, burned out term's so 2006... also I find it is constricted to a box itself); So I say let's Think Large(r)! (The (r) does not mean that it's registered it eludes to If we are thinking Large; Then IMO: we should be thinking Larger: Otherwise think Larger from the start. Shoot for the furthest reaches of the Multiverse and if we only hit the center of our own Galaxy then work with that but never stop dreaming.

OK, Larger? Yeah; Larger!!! I feel another Revitism coming... In order to focus one must un-focus.

I have seen a lot regarding 'One ("Grand-Unified") Revit' on both AUGI, in User Group discussions, etc.; Shee-oot in the past I have even thought that such a unification would be a great idea and an end in itself... well, I now believe we can get even better than that.

I propose that the One Unified Revit concept is too small. While it may be a great stop-gap measure, I think it would only get us so far.

Do I hear some of you getting pissed off at me again??? Well suspend that for a minute...

Thinking bigger, in regards to this unification and what I suggest is that we strive A Single, Central Database Multiverse. In this workflow there is really one database and many satellite tools, Revit being one (or three) of a multitude that would use the SAME data, no data loss through "interoperability" hindrances, etc. Word, Excel, Photoshop, Illustrator, Maya, 3DS Max, Studio Tools, Sketchup and any of the other tools we use...Now I know that ADSK can, yet may not want to (or be able to???) create interoperable softwares with their competitors tools but why not? License it out and become the BIM (IBM) to a Sketchup (Apple). If one delivers great Designs that are usable, functional, responsible and sustainable, etc. then everyone (mostly) will use it... Kinda like what we (AEC Industry) strives for. If Apple licensed out their shit back in the late 70's/early 80's like IBM did then we'd never need those funny commercials with the MAC & PC dudes. BTW: If you have a sense of humor and like EITHER a MAC or PC based computer then CLICK ME!!! The comments there are great too!!!

If we demand this, then someone would make it, I'm sure. I know it would allow us to create better work and I can surmise that it could propel ADSK to become #1, not #4.

Remember history so we don't have to re-live it. There was once a Berlin Wall, a Roman Empire and if ADSK really delivers that which surpasses the average and really adopt a vision Toward a Zen of BIM (if I may use my own term), giving us tools for solutions, rather than providing us tools and CALLING them solutions; then AEC can become a truly Green Industry. Green and Zen alike must be as complete and holistic as possible with no (or as few) inconsistencies as is possible and as we all know (or should know) Everything is Possible.

Now here is why I am going on and on with (and in) this post: My whole journey; "Toward a Zen of BIM"; is leading me on a path toward 'process enlightenment', if you will, and if you know a thing or two about these types of journeys toward enlightenment you may know that when we're on a path, possibilities present themselves from time to time: this is where the "In order to focus one must un-focus" quote comes into play: we need to stay open so we can see the signs when and as they're presented. If we are overly focused we may miss what's right in front of us.

Sarcasm alert!!! For you Revit users: that last sentence was dually a really good idea when searching for enlightenment and a thinly veiled jab at the fact that error warnings can be so far (bottom right of the screen) from where we are focused (on the cursor) that we don't always see them. Stay aware!!!

I include the following link as an example of one of these signs; it speaks to thinking strategies and ideas and can be extrapolated into being on point with the kind of creative thinking we all could use. I hope that you will be inspired as much as I have been... And that's a lot, so have at it!!! Google and the Wisdom of Clouds


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