Monday, July 07, 2008

BiDirectional isn't a dirty word!!! (except in my mind)

All I can say is *#@^! (AKA: OMFG) I am very excited about this one. Reality may never be the same after this hits home (and production)!!!

Sarcasm alert...Sarcasm alert...

I suggest that nobody else looks into nPower's bi-directional translation solution!!! Yes it's a link!!! I don't think anyone would benefit from real interoperability between Revit and 3DMAX; or any other software for that matter. I think softwares that Designers use should be rigid and inflexible, continuing to allow limited Design & creativity options, nor do I feel that they should allow for exponential growth of ideas...Uhh...Hmmm...Perhaps that's what the sarcasm alert was for...???

BiDirectional!!! Can it be??? Can we actually round trip objects to and from 3dMAX and Revit!!! I think we can!!! Tune in again soon to see some results...

In the mean time, click the image below for the video... I mean DON'T click the image below, you'll just be wasting your time with the possibilities...

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  1. Do you know what advantages this offers, compared to Autodesk's now-recommended FBX workflow?