Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Back to Work

Hello again all, I apologize for being remiss in providing the multiple monthly postings to this Blog that you may have come to be used to...I will get back to form now that the New Year is upon us so expect more good postings up coming...

That all said here's a tidbit that may help... It is a document that I find gets the juices flowing... Now I know that most of you are Revit users; except some Archicad users AKA: Revit haters that have been known to make fun of my "boring" videos... even though Archicad can't do half the shit Revit can and in spite of the fact that a tutorial video isn't made to be entertaining!!! yet I digress: and the reason for my digression is that Revit users may say that we can't do some of this computational work natively in Revit...Well I can't speak to what the future holds directly, in regards to Revit but the future does seem to always bring new capabilities and functionalities in personal life...

OK Back to the document: it's is available for download from the following link -I suggest right clicking and saving the [Proceedings PDF 80MB] link on the following page, as it's about 80 MB of goodness Advances in Architectural Geometry Conference Proceedings Vienna, Austria September 13-16, 2008 is the document and it's great.

Just because we can doesn't mean we should but it doesn't mean we shouldn't either!!! I am F'ing excited about the next 5-10 years in Architecture... not only is our technology getting up to speed with us but our abilities are catching up to our imaginations as well... Long live Geometry!!!

For some other fun ideas on Geometry try these links too...
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BTW: Thanks Stuart for the inspiration!!!

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