Monday, March 16, 2009

Why not let someone else do it this time?

Interesting question.

I think I'll let them (ADSK) show you what it (Revit) does and then see how many people model every thing as a mass and destroy (???) projects. BTW: Danger BIM Managers (or whatever you are titled these days), Danger, let's see what happens when everything is created as a mass... I could sure make some pretty families with them there tools... (Is this a cowboy movie?)

Seriously, the Massing/Conceptual Design upgrade is great and a long time coming... the ribbon...thinking inside a box if you ask me... you had better create a thorough keyboard shortcut list...
In any case, Click Me for all (?) the (new) SHit from ADSK for their 2010 release products and more.

Is the language really necessary?

...Another good question

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