Thursday, April 23, 2009

Known Issues

Blogger Stuart said...

Revit download.... What drives me nuts about Revit 2010 download is the little pdf that is titled: Known Issues. Unfortunately, it is not accompanied with a pdf called: resolutions!! How in the world does Autodesk get away with that!?!?

Thursday, April 23, 2009

He said "Known Issues".

Comment on those Issues.

I've always found it enlightening (not to mention useful) that the (or at least some of the) "known" issues are published for Revit... Yeah, they could be fixed but you know how it is big ships turn slowly...

Wouldn't it be funny (or scary...) if people published their own "known issues" documents???

But alas we still buy the product and we still get married so...


  1. That's one of my blogging goals. Document what doesn't work. Make suggestions. Then there's no excuse that "it's not in the database".

  2. Not sure if I understand your comment but: If 'they' don't fix things then excuses are meaningless; whether used or not. There's plenty that is documented and in 'their' databases; the problem is the solutions don't find their way to the actual software.