Thursday, July 22, 2010

Free Revit Addins...He Said Tool

A preliminary thanks goes out to the the BumpShack for their posting where the image (and link) above was found (when I searched for the biggest tool :-))...

First off I must admit that the reason for this posting is that I have been given a free copy of these tools for my use, in return for my giving a copy to one of you...Oh, and for pimping it up herein... Not a bad thing but I do want it to be clear.

That said:

Anyone heard of the Avatech Utilities for Revit? better yet anyone NOT heard of them? Well in any case one of you, my most appreciated readers, will be getting a free copy of the full package of these Tools... My gift to you...YAAY!!! Well, more like their gift to me FOR YOU!!!

I was thinking to give these tools away by asking for inappropriate photo submissions that would be voted on... but that kind of 'contest' I
think is better suited to be on my other (rarely used) blog, or simply via email... not that I am asking mind you :-) So here's the plan... If you want to be in on this opportunity to win a copy of these, then all you need to do is the following:
  1. Use the EMAIL link above or add a comment to this posting that describes (in full) the best or most hidden tip or technique you have for Revit (any flavor). To post a comment click the "comments link" at the bottom of the post... it's just left of the envelope icon!!!
  2. Include your real name and email address at the bottom of the body of your comment to be eligible.
  3. Vote. (when open)
Voting will begin Monday July 26th, 2010 and will will conclude on Thursday July 29th, 2010; right here on this blog (I will provide a voting widget); then, we will all vote on our favorite comment, compile the results and VoilĂ ... When a winner is chosen I will send their name & email address to the organizers and they will then receive their free copy of the fore mentioned Revit tools directly from said organizers. Why is this all happening? well, the cost of the full package of these tools is going to go from $99 to $399 after August 1st... so free is good!!!

Tips are good too and after this I will post all of the tips in a proper posting and we can all help one another... Good Luck!!!


  1. Use Revit all the time!!!

  2. Dear Jay,
    If you turn off the number bubble on a grid line you can use them to show up in elevations and section as property lines and setback lines. Just not have to figure our how to add a custom line type to the grid line to show "PL-PL-PL-PL" for example.
    Enjoy brother,
    Marcos Santa Ana

  3. Jay,

    I have a good one. I will have it in a moment.

    Johnny K

  4. My company has decided to invest in Revit/BIM models of our products.