Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Need a Reference to Bo Derek in your Revit / BIM Process?

OK; it's that time again for the AutoGeekFest-a-thon... actually it's Autodesk University and I can hardly wait... Vegas Baby... Oh I mean a load of learning, sharing & teaching!!!

Early registration opened today (Monday September 07, 2010) and becomes open to all in the days to come. Lots of great sessions including my Unconference Session (I still like calling them UnPlugged Sessions) but I digress.

Click the image below to get to or near it...

There are a lot of new sessions at AU this year, as well as a few goodies from years past, so be sure to look through "The List"... I will be cloning myself to be in several sessions at once... really I will be coordinating with friends and colleagues to cover more than what any one of us can do individually... hope to see you there (BTW: don't look for my long hair, as in the photo; that's long gone and I am far too busy to grow it out again...perhaps :-))

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