Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Vasari is now live on The Labs!!! (for Revit Designers & Wannabe's Alike)

Full Revit it's not but that's the whole point!!!

Designers who haven't yet gotten on the BIM train can get a start with Vasari and get to a place where SketchUp is no longer used (or used as much), since as a BIM tool SKP is; well... a tool.

Download Project Vasari for yourself from the photo at left!!!
If you'd like a technology review look at D Light's blog posting Here.

If you'd like to see a teaser go to this post from a few days ago (well a few days ago from the time of this post)!!!

Need some Video Tutorials (in addition to the ones in the tech preview? Click Me!!!

Enjoy, now get to Designing!!!

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