Thursday, July 14, 2011

Simply Complex, The Revit Complex (Freudians Unite)

The Revit Complex; by Marcello Sgambelluri is one of the newest and in my opinion most long awaited Blogs to get onto the BIM Blog train... Now we just need him to become a Twit(terer)... Come on Marcello: No @... for you???

...Long anticipated yet if his posts keep up the quality of work (which it will) that I know him to produce professionally, then we are in store for fun times and great avenues to learn and expand our own craft; whether Structural, Architectural, or MEPural (Yes, MEPural is now a real word, so get over it!!!). Good things come to those of us who wait and The Revit Complex immediately adds (and will continue to add) to our growing Revit, BIM & modeling toolbox... If you can follow the complexity that is :-)

Marcello is a dedicated Reviteur and has produced some of the more complex geometric projects for John A Martin Associates;  At times working with and pushing The (Revit) Factory to either add new functionality or come up with strategies to work around some limitations that we still :-( find in Revit (see his article in the old AECEdge about: multiple-directionally-curved-beams: and the masses that they need to be modeled as).

That said the Revit Cow & the Elephant (images link to the posts) are ALL examples of Native Revit, no additives or fillers or other byproducts!!! 250 hours or so each but the question: "Can complex geometry be modeled in Revit?" can now and once again be laid to rest perhaps FOREVER!!! 

Phew... Thanks Marcello!!!

I am so F'ing tired of answering that question, so it's great that now we can point them to your Blog as another place to dispell some of the BS people (read as: AutoCAD, ArchiCAD, etc. users) say about what Revit can or can't do... but that will be another post...

Back to it... My bottom line:  I am very happy to welcome Marcello to the Revit-O-BIM-O-Blog-O-Sphere and will keep a close eye on all that is Simply Complex! and suggest that you hit his site and follow & join him and his digital presence!!!

BTW: a little secret about those tires above...Shhhh... They are Curtain Panels!!!


The oft-improperly and quite over used cliché about thinking "out of the box" is actually both applicable here and also a double entendre!!! It applies as is, for doing anything of value like complex modeling; and also works as in: We need to look "out(side) of the box" for tools and methods and thoughts to do anything complex &/or worthwhile!!! Here's to a long life of learning & sharing with & from Marcello...and join in The Revit Complex... I have it bad!!!

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