Thursday, November 17, 2011

Make S Ride on "The Rails": Tastes great, More Fulfilling

After collaboration with Marcello Sgambelluri, inspiring each other to a breakthrough of sorts on how we can model more effectively in least for some components & objects: I posted a solution for how to create twisting geometry; using 'rails' to drive angles RIGHT HERE.

So now, it's that Revit Forum's "favorite post of the month" voting time!!!

It seems that the awesome folks at the RFO have thought enough of my post to nominate it for best of the month...WOOHOO... They even looked past my 'crying' about member statuses being goofy.

So If you would like to help me stuff the ballot boxes (or really; if you think it's a good posting) Hit the image at left to get your voice heard... The winner gets the honor of peer recognition (giving others crap :-)).

If you haven't seen the original postings hit This Blog's Post and for the back-story see the LARUG blog post...

After you vote that is!!! FYI: I did vote for others as well :-)

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