Thursday, May 09, 2013

Groin Vaults For Your Single Groin Needs

I dare say "Watch the video below" So I shall...Watch the video below (Please). If you want a quick way to model Groin Vaults that is...

Why do I dare? Well, so I don't have to elaborate (at this time) on my thinking that much of humanities' outlook; that things (Revit Modeling, in this case) are difficult or not as easy as "other" software, etc. is usually an ego response to a lack of understanding, clarity or or perspective.

I posit that many, if not most times it is us marginally evolved primates who add the complexity; it is us who fail to think things through before bounding forth... Software only does what we tell it and until we know the entire breadth (or most) of the possibilities available in a software, we are not yet qualified to render an intelligent viewpoint. But Hey, we enjoy freedom of speech, so I guess one can bring any viewpoint (erroneous or not), just be ready for the fallout ;-)

I am not saying that I don't jump into things with both guns blazing, as it were, but if I am trying to create something in a modeling software, I might try what "I Think" should be done first; but I do keep an open mind that "it very well be my lack of understanding" that makes me think "it can't be done", etc...since usually (read as: kinda all the time) it can be... That said:

Watch the 3 minute video Below (or from the link below the embed)...

Groin Vaults For Your Single Groin Needs

Actual Modeling time of Groin Vaults: 1 minute 50 seconds

If I wouldn't have been explaining at the same time, it would have taken about 1 minute or less

If you are one who complains that "in other software it only takes a few button clicks to do this" I say to you: I am NOT going to count my button clicks but I do feel that 1 minute to model a Groin Vault is really a non issue.... Oh how does "the other" software handle schedules, sheets, (Shall I go on)???

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