Monday, June 24, 2013

Flight | Data | Visualization

Planning to fly to a BIM Conference like RTCNA or AU2013?
Planning a vacation?
Do you (also) simply like airline data and visualizations of live (and existing) events in society?
Do you wonder at the sheer overwhelming amounts of 'things' going on in nature at any one time?
-Well, If any of these apply to you, you may want to check out the following... The images are all links.
-Enjoy, J

Check out to keep up...with planes in the air via the images and Live Map below...

Turns out Flight Patterns and Contrailz are 2 awesome sites to get your visualized flight data on...

Contrailz: Yes, it's searchable!


FlowingData Article by Nathan Yau:

Need to track a flight to pick someone up from an airport (etc.)? Try

-All credit to/of original authors...Nathan Yau, Aaron Koblin, Alexey Papulovskiy (and everyone else involved ;-) THANKS!!!

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  1. Flight Aware is pretty good at tracking flight info in real time... Handy when you are supposed to pick someone up from the airport!

    Not as fancy as the above sites though!