Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Address(ing) Keynotes | Revit | Customization | CSI

Many of you may have seen the class or handout or presentation or...regarding my Bootlegging Keynotes processes... Well, a question I answered on Revit Forum finally put me into (public) action on this one, so below you will find downloadable keynote databases and the handout explaining, to some degree :-) the workflow... Do enjoy and remember, if you have Revolution Design's Keynote Manager you will love the files and their usefulness even more... Me, I still use the old text editor but I do validate in both Revit as well as KN MGR...and who knows, maybe even ArchiCAD too ;-)

Final Word: a disclaimer!!! If there are any errors or omissions in the keynote text file it is your responsibility to verify and repair. I take no responsibility for the correctness of the files, as the CSI information is a moving target. I have however taken every precaution against any errors but honestly I had no outside QC, so we are all on our own!!!

First Off The Keynote Database w/ Custom portion AND CSI (Based on the MasterFormat) w/ a highly customized and rationalized Organization...you're welcome!!!;-)

Next up Bootlegging (Using) Keynotes For Good, Not Evil (NOT JUST SCHEMATIC EITHER!!!)


  1. Thanks....it helps to get more information on keynotes. Our office have so many differing opinions on rationalising our keynotes..