Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Architects Modeling for Construction

What a novel thought... I say that due to the countless times that I have heard things like "that is the contractors' responsibility" etc. I humbly say to that: Bullshit.

The following is a draft-excerpt of the handout for a lecture that I will be doing later this month at RTCEUR in Dublin, Ireland (Download the families and addons by clicking the images of the individual families) -And providing these families is the point of releasing this snippet early, so folks going to RTCEUR can get a jump on 'things' ;)

04 | (Hot) Modelling FOR Construction

Stud Rails, 3D Grids & Surcharge Revit Families
Modelling certain elements that are typically (read ‘typically’ as in the dead, 2D past) either left out of models or only provided as details, such as the surcharge family above.

 These surcharges for instance, take a short time to input, like 1 hour or so per building, which in the grand scheme of hot models and projects is almost nothing… BUT the impact of having these in the design BIM and onward will (yes, WILL) pay huge dividends during consultant modelling and all coordination, etc.
https://app.box.com/s/yt5h2973u44hzasmreoeIf an Architect cannot deal with spending 1 hour on these items then that shows they are further down the AECO Continuum, probably lower than they envision.
https://app.box.com/s/jgn1jb0ygip7ognk5is1 The Stud Rails shown come in two flavors: 2-Rail and 3-Rail and include ‘Column Width”.
These are very sneaky in their import. How many times has an MEPF Engineer or Trade Contractor tried to place a pipe, etc. too close to a concrete column-to-beam intersection and then the pipes don’t fit in reality-world, then a change order (or 10) and voilĂ  how many thousands of dollars did that just cost?

Say you don’t care? Say “that’s the contractors’ responsibility?” Not if you want to create hot models that bring (or start to bring back) Architecture and Architects to the “master builder” level that the industry once viewed them as.

 The 3D Grid is purely for coordination and mostly for Navisworks, since it’s Heads-up-display (HUD) grids and levels are, well, less than optimum. The 3D Grid can be had from: http://cad-vs-bim.blogspot.com/2013/10/3d-grids-in-revit-oldie-but-goodie-done.html

PLUS!!! There are some cool addons at: http://revitcoaster.blogspot.com/2014/07/bimconsortium-revit-addin-update-new.html one of which applies these 3D Grids in the same place and length as the grids internal to Revit, as well as copies a set to each level included! Thanks Troy Gates @TroyGates for the addons :D

-BIM Consortium tools (to date):
http://revitcoaster.blogspot.com/2014/07/bimconsortium-revit-addin-update-new.htmlSo; there are 3 ‘easy’ things we can do to save literally thousands of dollars with negligible effort. 

I’d say that lifts the whole floor on our teams when these processes are used.

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