Tuesday, October 28, 2014

@RTCEUR 2014 | Jay Zallan's Class Presentations and Downloads

Hello from Dublin -Yes, Ireland -Well when this publishes I will be en-route, so Hello from 35,0000' or so ;)

To get the RTCEUR 2014 thing going and to provide, for those unable to attend, a portion of 'the goods',  I am posting my class handouts, presentations and associated downloads and links.
I do hope you enjoy!!! -And get some value from them obviously :D

The video (that is obviously not in the pdf below) can be watched below or at: http://youtu.be/923jxZY2NPI 

The point of including this video is to speak to my point that 'reality' is relative to us humans and what we make of it and ourselves is really the only game we play.

I find it a wholly liberating concept that we may only be minor players, on a tiny spec in the cosmos, but that we can have large relative impact for one another!!! Therefore:
  • Let's Play Big, With Integrity and Always Strive to be The Best We Can Possibly Be!!! 
  • Liberate Your Own Greatness(es); That Will Both Inspire and Free Others to Liberate Their Own!!!

Direct Links:
Hot Models Wanted

BIM Junkies' Life On The Lines

Monday, October 27, 2014

RTCEUR 2014 Final(?) Prep Post

https://i.ytimg.com/vi/KeMubQP4Cmc/mqdefault.jpg(My) @RTCEUR Handouts and Lab Files will post here at the time the classes run this week...

Just thought I'd put that out there ;)

See you soon!!!???

Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Architects Modeling for Construction

What a novel thought... I say that due to the countless times that I have heard things like "that is the contractors' responsibility" etc. I humbly say to that: Bullshit.

The following is a draft-excerpt of the handout for a lecture that I will be doing later this month at RTCEUR in Dublin, Ireland (Download the families and addons by clicking the images of the individual families) -And providing these families is the point of releasing this snippet early, so folks going to RTCEUR can get a jump on 'things' ;)

04 | (Hot) Modelling FOR Construction

Stud Rails, 3D Grids & Surcharge Revit Families
Modelling certain elements that are typically (read ‘typically’ as in the dead, 2D past) either left out of models or only provided as details, such as the surcharge family above.

 These surcharges for instance, take a short time to input, like 1 hour or so per building, which in the grand scheme of hot models and projects is almost nothing… BUT the impact of having these in the design BIM and onward will (yes, WILL) pay huge dividends during consultant modelling and all coordination, etc.
https://app.box.com/s/yt5h2973u44hzasmreoeIf an Architect cannot deal with spending 1 hour on these items then that shows they are further down the AECO Continuum, probably lower than they envision.
https://app.box.com/s/jgn1jb0ygip7ognk5is1 The Stud Rails shown come in two flavors: 2-Rail and 3-Rail and include ‘Column Width”.
These are very sneaky in their import. How many times has an MEPF Engineer or Trade Contractor tried to place a pipe, etc. too close to a concrete column-to-beam intersection and then the pipes don’t fit in reality-world, then a change order (or 10) and voilà how many thousands of dollars did that just cost?

Say you don’t care? Say “that’s the contractors’ responsibility?” Not if you want to create hot models that bring (or start to bring back) Architecture and Architects to the “master builder” level that the industry once viewed them as.

 The 3D Grid is purely for coordination and mostly for Navisworks, since it’s Heads-up-display (HUD) grids and levels are, well, less than optimum. The 3D Grid can be had from: http://cad-vs-bim.blogspot.com/2013/10/3d-grids-in-revit-oldie-but-goodie-done.html

PLUS!!! There are some cool addons at: http://revitcoaster.blogspot.com/2014/07/bimconsortium-revit-addin-update-new.html one of which applies these 3D Grids in the same place and length as the grids internal to Revit, as well as copies a set to each level included! Thanks Troy Gates @TroyGates for the addons :D

-BIM Consortium tools (to date):
http://revitcoaster.blogspot.com/2014/07/bimconsortium-revit-addin-update-new.htmlSo; there are 3 ‘easy’ things we can do to save literally thousands of dollars with negligible effort. 

I’d say that lifts the whole floor on our teams when these processes are used.

OK, so Click Me for some keyboard shortcuts as well ;)

Thursday, October 02, 2014

RTCEUR 2014 | Hot Models Wanted | A Revit Life on the Line(Based Families)


If you are in Dublin this October and were debating on whether or not you are attending RTCEUR2014 maybe these will help your choice/decision...(remember to use the bold links herein ;)

The two sessions (that actually are three) which I am looking forward to presenting are to be:

Hot Models Wanted | ((Architecture+Engineering)+Construction)=1
Thursday October 30th, 2014

A BIM Junkie's Life on the Lines | Double Lab
Friday October 31st, 2014 -Costumes optional ;)

FWIW, I am really excited to speak with all the presenters, as there is going to be a concentration of AECO and BIM knowledge second to none :D

That said, I'd like to point out a few of the speakers (Click HERE To See All Speakers) that I am looking forward to collaborating with, while in Dublin...BTW: The names below link to these folks' twitter profiles... a follow may be in order ;)

Jay Zallan (Me :)

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

SoCAL BIM Workshops | JBZ Class Handouts

So I originally sent the wrong files to the BIM Workshops and since they already placed them on the flash drives for attendees, herein are the handouts for immediate download.

I apologize but look at it this way: Everyone who gets a flash drive gets a free and extra class on Line Based Families!

I know this doesn't solve the issue but it is what it is, it seems ;)

Download Link: 2014 Coordinate and Dominate BIM Project Success

Download Link: Reconstructing the Architectural Practice | Success in AECO, BIM & Revit

Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Pacific Coast BIM Workshops

AECO, BIM Teams throughout the West coast: See you September 25th through the 26th 2014!

The Consortium is representing with Darren Roos (@Darren_Roos), Marcello Sgambelluri (@MarcelloSgamb) and yours truly (@JayZallan)

 All the info you'll need (I presume) is available by hitting the images and links herein  :-) -Also; go follow these people (if you already don't)

Other Friends of the BIMs:
Nancy McClure
Steve Stafford
Steven C. Shell
Brian Mackey
Paul Aubin
Doug Bowers
Nicholas Zent
Kelly Lubeley
Cathy Hadley
Andy Jizba
Aubrey Frederick
Luke Ferry
Chris Keck
Brenton Wilberg
http://bim-workshops.com/events/pacific-coast/sessionsschedule/Lynn Allen
Nancy Clark Brown
Joel Londenberg
Bill Debevc
Mark Hunter
-and the oft forgotten TBD



Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Address(ing) Keynotes | Revit | Customization | CSI

Many of you may have seen the class or handout or presentation or...regarding my Bootlegging Keynotes processes... Well, a question I answered on Revit Forum finally put me into (public) action on this one, so below you will find downloadable keynote databases and the handout explaining, to some degree :-) the workflow... Do enjoy and remember, if you have Revolution Design's Keynote Manager you will love the files and their usefulness even more... Me, I still use the old text editor but I do validate in both Revit as well as KN MGR...and who knows, maybe even ArchiCAD too ;-)

Final Word: a disclaimer!!! If there are any errors or omissions in the keynote text file it is your responsibility to verify and repair. I take no responsibility for the correctness of the files, as the CSI information is a moving target. I have however taken every precaution against any errors but honestly I had no outside QC, so we are all on our own!!!

First Off The Keynote Database w/ Custom portion AND CSI (Based on the MasterFormat) w/ a highly customized and rationalized Organization...you're welcome!!!;-)

Next up Bootlegging (Using) Keynotes For Good, Not Evil (NOT JUST SCHEMATIC EITHER!!!)

Friday, October 04, 2013

3D Grids In Revit | An Oldie But Goodie Done Again

So I need (or want :-) to use a Grid represented in 3D in Revit and while Navisworks can now visualize the levels and grids in 3D, alas Revit cannot (still/yet?) -Insert smily of choice, I prefer to simply say that's typical...

Anyhow, I hoped to find John Raiten's 3D grid (I know he had a nice one from our Gensler days), but since I can't find it or don't have it in my dropbox folder I bounced around the Revinternet and the first one I stumbled on was in Russian...

Well no, it wasn't in Russian, though the author's name is, so credit him by hitting his post too... but although it is a nice posting he did talk about a method to use Autocad data as one method for grid representations and that to a lot of folks, me included, can be thought of thus: "Any Autocad data in Revit is the worst thing one can do to a Revit Project!" So there :-P

Additionally I want one to do a bit more, so I just made my own that you can d'load Right Here!!!

I am not going to do a full how-to, since it is ready to go for you but I will go into a few things that one needs to be aware of for 'proper' use (AKA: Not blowing it up), So on with the show...

The top-left most image is what the 3 types of the Line Based Generic Model of 3D Grids look like ...in 3D obviously.

I made the "line" portion quite thick and grey, so it pops but is distinct from other graphics.
The 'circle' is an extrusion with thickness and material control... Size should not be messed with except by experts and should only be done at the family level, not from the project!
The 2nd image on the left is what it looks like in the family environment's 3D'ness...
The image right shows them in plan with a standard OOTB grid. The Type Names are specified in blue tags.
I realized a bit of a naming gotcha... I should have Type-Named "One Letter" something like 'One Letter and Two Numbers' but since it also works with many (not all) pairs of double letters... AND it was already finished when I realized that, so it is simply Type-Named "One Letter". Though as you can see it IS still useful for double numbers and some double letters...
 The "Text Only" Type is really my preference so you can all consider the ones in 'bubbles' as a gift :-)
The parameters are quite formulaic ;-) -naa it's just that they do rely on some basic formulas as you can see below...
I am not mentioning (hey I am just about to :-) the "Two Letters" Type very much since, in order to fit the larger letters in pairs (if needed) like 'MM' and 'WW', etc. the bubble needs to be too big for my taste; but there you go anyways...choices: always choices...
As you can possibly guess if you change the sizes of the bubbles or the number of bubbles from the project (instead of simply choosing the correct Type) you will probably blow these up!!! So either don't do that or if you do please send all complaints to The Senate!!!

Finally the final image below is of the Object Styles, Sub-Categories from the project environment. I set these up from the family to allow easier, more flexible choices for the glass materials I built them with...

So if you want to mess with your own copy of these; feel free to download, use, share, complain about, etc...

Friday, August 30, 2013

Coordinate and Dominate BIM Project Success | Virtual Reality Q & A

I received the following questions and thought it most effective to post the answers here, so more people can get (more) informed... Following the questions and answers you will also find the link and embedded class handout, so do enjoy. You can also find the class recording on the Autodesk University website but the audio is horrible due to their lacking internal technical setup, so I am not posting that...too bad also, since it was a great session...-maybe next time ;-)

Hello Jay,
I was reading your AU2012 presentation and have a question for you.  On page 25, there’s an augmented reality of the drawing.  I’ve been playing with augmented reality for a bit, but was wondering what you used to create that?  I was thinking a great idea would be to print one of these tags on the sheet, but not sure how easy it is to align the scale of the model with the drawing and location of the drawing.  If you could share what you used to get that (software/plug-ins/app) and any issues you had, I would appreciate it. Thanks in advance for your thoughts…

Thank you to C. O. for the questions and glad it seems to be getting out there and helping...here are the answers:

-Thanks again Darren Roos (the VR were part of his portion), Marcello Sgambelluri and Troy Gates for all their help and input in making this a quite useful session for BIM & AECO!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

75 Revit Add Ins | OK, Over 100 | RTCNA 2013

[EDIT 07/29/2013] "Additions To The Main Handout" was added as a link and embed at the bottom of this posting... My fear of inadvertently leaving some Add-ins out was made clear by Chris Price (Mr. Spot) and we (I) thank him for reminding me about Xrev's offerings... and being gracious about it :-) [END EDIT except for the embed and link below ;-)]

 So RTCNA 2013 is over, my knee is healing from an early morning post-party spill ;-) No worries, just a scrape :-) so now is the time to post my handout. BUT FIRST: I do need to explain. The class was run with a kind of Socratic Method to it... A lot of questions for the crowd, a portion of the class was "taught" by some of the actual developers of the add-ins listed and I would like to thank everyone who participated for helping make it an awesome session!!!

OK, now to the handout that you can get from the image, link below or from the embed, also below... One final thought before you get them: I do have some comments about the add ins mentioned but be aware: YOU MUST VET THESE OUT FOR YOURSELVES, MY NEEDS ARE DISTINCT FROM YOURS, SO SOME ADD-INS MAY BE RIGHT FOR YOU THAT AREN'T FOR ME; SO PLEASE DON'T EXPECT FULL REPORTING OF WHAT EACH ONE DOES IN MY WORLD. Also you may want to "test" them on a non-production machine since some are a bit of a pain to uninstall... OK, Ready? GO!!!

Monday, June 24, 2013

Flight | Data | Visualization

Planning to fly to a BIM Conference like RTCNA or AU2013?
Planning a vacation?
Do you (also) simply like airline data and visualizations of live (and existing) events in society?
Do you wonder at the sheer overwhelming amounts of 'things' going on in nature at any one time?
-Well, If any of these apply to you, you may want to check out the following... The images are all links.
-Enjoy, J

Check out PlaneFinder.net to keep up...with planes in the air via the images and Live Map below...

Turns out Flight Patterns and Contrailz are 2 awesome sites to get your visualized flight data on...

Contrailz: Yes, it's searchable!


FlowingData Article by Nathan Yau:

Need to track a flight to pick someone up from an airport (etc.)? Try FlightAware.com

-All credit to/of original authors...Nathan Yau, Aaron Koblin, Alexey Papulovskiy (and everyone else involved ;-) THANKS!!!

Monday, June 03, 2013

Elevation Markers | Share | Load | Use

In response to a RevitForum post -where I included the Elevation Markers I created a few years back; when we were finally allowed, by the developers, to modify them (nearly) as we require... I am including them herein, for anyone interested to use...thus the "sharing" part of the title.

While these do not (since they (still) can not) exactly appear like the old hand-drawn ones (for reasons that I understand, due to sheet placement, etc.)...These are (IMHO) perfect! -Well, as much as they can be ;-) The little lines in the Interior Elevation markers (Unfilled) are needed due to the construct of the 'pointers' so If you find that an imperfection, that's on you...I got over it :-)

So without further ado: Download 'em from below, embed 'em into your template, set 'em as your Elevation Tags (refer to the image at right) and have at it!!!

The "Circle" and Parameters, followed by the embedded Types:

The "Pointer" and Parameters, followed by the embedded Types:

Download the "Circle" Here

Download the "Pointer" Here