Thursday, August 24, 2006

Where are all those hand-drafting based firms?

Change Is Now...

Change or Die??? (Well he said parish, but you get the point) WOW, those are strong words...By The Way, Where are all those hand-drafting based firms?

I was originally going to go on about where they may have gone but I've decided to be more succinct and declaritive:

I am standing for embracing the change into a BIM workflow and becoming one of the many driving forces in the next great evolution of our industry.

We all know or have heard that, if one wants to generate something truly great they must take risks.

Moving to BIM may be a risk (though not in my opinion!!!) but any risk involved to it has so much potential and so many benefits
that I feel it is one risk that we can't afford to NOT take.

Courage is being able to act in the presence of fear.
Loathing is being in a state of reluctance.

...Where are you standing?

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