Monday, December 11, 2006

Choose Your Views 1: Open Your Mind To The Possible

Well we're back and AU was in Vegas so let's leave it at that.
Revit. Views. Let's Go! The following Simple Elevations are just a few rough images to illustrate some of the things we can do with Views in Revit...Just think how amazing they can look with an actual project!!!

I have heard asked (and have been asked myself) ..."how can I see through my windows in an elevation view?" It may seem simple for those who know but if we don't k
now that we don't know, that is where our pain can begin. Well Pain (with this) No More.

When in a 3D view goto
: view / orient / to other view then just choose the appropriate elevation (or section, etc.) view you wish to reorient to and there you'll have it; an "elevation" with transparent materials (that you can actually see through) what a concept, huh. Plus you get a whole new world of possibilities and new creative and illustrative options to explore...just remember to go back to: view / orient / save view to both save this new 'elevation' view and get a new default 3D view through the process of that save.

First: A Standard Elevation View:
Second: A 'Re-Oriented' 3D View with Shading W/ Edge graphics:
Third: That Re-Oriented View now
rendered out to an image:

Finally: The new image inserted onto a sheet and composited (overlaid) with another Wire Frame view (actually a duplicate of the initial view used to render): Yes we can do that!!!
Have a great time and let me hear from you if you have any comments or questions!!!


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