Monday, November 06, 2006

Short Post, Huge Point!!! See the Comments too

CAD-vs-BIM is all wrong!!! (but i'll keep the name for now).
CAD is BIM and vice versa.

More to follow...

OK I'm back...
Rise up.

CAD is dead: long live computer aided design
BIM is dead: long live building information management


  1. I don't entirely agree, BIM is really just BM if it is just CAD. The "I" is the information - metadata - that turn the model into a relational database with a graphical interface. More powerful than CAD.

    Just think, a design that is integrated with the specs and the contracts.

  2. Maybe your "Belief" of what CAD and BIM is/are is a bit narrow. I know mine was. Don't be so hung up on terms...why can't BIM solutions simply be a tool in our COMPUTER AIDED DESIGNs??? no matter how superior they are than mainly drafting softwares.

  3. There is a solid reason (besides the comercial one) for changing the name from CAD to BIM.

    From designers point of view, CAD has allways been digital drafting.
    BIM is digital modeling.

    The change of name is fundamental for people to understand that this is a new (well, not so new) concept, as some people say, a "paradigm shift".

    Nobody seriously suggested, 30 years ago, to call the new CAD tools Digital Pen.

  4. Bim solutions are purely and simply just another tool in our COMPUTER AIDED DESIGN cache. -No matter how superior they (BIM solutions) are, in reality or perception, over computer based drafting softwares.

    My point is this: 3 letter anachronisms, no matter how cute or widespread are still just terms (and a bunch of _________, in my mind); they only serve to limit viewpoints and we should already be past all of that or at least ready to give that all up.

    I'd rather fight to help people attain more intelligence, rather than dumb them down. By the way: BIM should be Building Information Management, no? Modeling is only a part of it?!

    If a team or group, firm or society is only as good as their weakest link we'd better get the weak links up to the level of genius, so the rest can attain super-genius. That would sure beat having more discussions as to which 3 letters are better.

  5. BIM falls under the umbrella of CAD does it not? I would say using a BIM to develop your project is the most advanced and efficient way to aid your design process using a computer?

  6. Yes, BIM falls under the umbrella of CAD but most of the industry "hears" CAD as drawing 2D. If we can change that then great! I use CAD when talking to non AEC folks, they understand it as Computer Aided Design in the most true sense... AEC (many, not all) do not...oddly enough