Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The Art of Architecture: Modeling our Dreams

boxlet All this month I will be teaching at LACMA: so...

boxlet If you love Art, Architecture, live in or around LA, want to see me or especially if you have kids (or are) 18 or younger then Check this out!!!

boxlet I hope to see you all there!!!


  1. Matt Pike say he jes' know they's money in it, an' special with a housekeeper keerful an' equinomical like you...

  2. BIM Junkie. I like that. Here's one from the East coast with:

    Here's a little game one can play with the acronym "BIM", used for "Building Information Modeling".

    As one involved with this technology for several years, I only just discovered its preferred terminological use in "the software industry" as that to be "the phrase" that will now be used in ways similar to associations with CAD (Computer Aided Design), a more familiar acronym.

    Not everyone agrees with the term "BIM" but I think it's kind of fun to pimp out your CAD, w/BIM, so I won't complain. It's also coll to poke fun at a little, because it is a funny sounding word, Am I right?

    Regardless, it is still a practiced virtual build methodology as we have all sort of come to love, no matter what your preffered software, be it Autodesk, Bentley, Nemetschek, etc.

    So now, what to do with "BIM"? Hmmm, I thought I would investigate with a little game played on the computer, searching with Google for "BIM".

    My game (it's kind of a scavenger hunt): Lets investigate BIM in everyday words and see how this might come up in a search engine when looking for the "BIM" we know. The point is to seperate the other BIMs and contrast their differences with our beloved new acronym we'll carry around indefinitely:

    Bi Bim Bam - actually a very good Korean dish I just ate nearby my office, where I normally put in a 11 hour day on the computer, working for the man (my boss - who I like very much). The dish is a blend of organic vegetables and can include either chicken or shrimp with hot sauce. I just finished this about a half an hour ago. It was very good. I will be going back for more very soon. (18th and Broadway, in Manhattan). Association to "BIM"; none.

    Bee Bim Bop - also associated with Korean cooking (translates to "mix-mix rice), is also a children's book by Linda Sue Park. Association to "BIM"; none

    Bim Skala Bim - this might happen if you accidentaly type in BIM twice. no problem, Bim Skala Bim would be an awesome Band to groove to while listening at work. this should be a happy accident for most, especially those who dig Ska. They sound a little like Mighty Mighty Bostones, good stuff. Association to "BIM", none.

    So the game is starting to fizzle...running low on searches for now.
    Will update at later date.