Monday, May 14, 2007

Revit File Sizes: Some ideas...

Bouncing around Augi I found this paragraph (Sans Additions) from the 'Diary of a Revit User: Purge Party - May 2007' article particularly intriguing (see below). As I am putting together a presentation on Revit regarding The Appropriateness of Content (or lack thereof). This presentation will deal with when to place items, when not to, why different approaches get different results, etc. Well as I said the following is kinda interesting:

First off, a Revit user must ensure that a minimal understanding of modeling and project file size have been achieved before beginning a Revit project. (No Shit...I couldn't agree more!!!) The user would then understand the implications of developing a model without populating it with unnecessary elements. (Hopefully) Secondly, the user must understand the basic differences between linking information and importing information. (The difference between Playing with and watching!?) Each method is equally important; however, if the model is to be developed so as not to end up being in a position to spring clean, then the proper choices must be made before introducing external information into the project file..." (As it is with everything in life...Good thing we have 'purge' in Revit...I know I could use that in my life from time to time!!!)

Well, That's it for now, the kids need to get to bed, I need to email my hockey team and well, that's enough for now...Work Intelligent (ly)!!!

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