Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The New Revit Build is Here, The New Revit Build is Here!!!

First off: Here Is the newest Revit Architecture 2008 Build (as of the original date of this posting, of course).

I was asked by a rather good Revit user if I could help them and figure out why some (yes, only some) of their project's Plan Callouts would disappear when the view it lived in was cropped. "Hmmm", I said -"OK" (well I really didn't say that but you get my point...Back to business): I spent a little while going through the usual questions...are any relevant Worksets off, any filters, you know all the "who, what and where's" that seemed relevant; I checked VV...No, not VG that "G" is too far for me to move my finger to!!!. Finally, after nothing brought it back, ouside of not cropping the view (in this case that was unacceptable) I just recreated a new Callout and that one showed up as expected. (Typical).

Now at this point I could have suggested there was some error, whether it be the dreaded and all-too-often cited Operator error, the many-times-true: Windows Memory Leak (did you like the "plus signs" disappearing from the Project Browser? That WAS a Windows Memory Leak), or even the sometimes erroneous, sometimes not: Computer Error; etc. but I just couldn't get that original Callout to work correctly so I knew it was a bug. Well, at the time I thought it was a bug but I didn't find that out until doing a little (and I mean little) external (outside of Revit) research.

I won't say (yes I will) that I Google'd the following: "Revit Callout views disappear in cropped views" and promptly got a hit (actually the third result on the first page of results!) of: someone else with that very same error, only in Structure. Well my instinct was validated; it was (Yes, I just said WAS and not IS) a bug in Revit. Now, If you forgot why this posting is important, or why I am writing this at all: here is the point... WE ALL NEED TO KEEP UP WITH THE MOST CURRENT BUILDS AS SOON AS WE CAN GET THEM!!! Now you can't say you weren't told.

Keeping up with the newest builds, along with contacting as many resources as possible whenever you have an issue (with Revit) is a good method and maybe even the only one we have, to get our issues (with Revit) addressed and resolved. Hmmm, Issues...

Now I just wish that I could change that fucking elevation marker and duplicate more than one view at a time...Oh Shit J, don't get me started!!!

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