Thursday, June 14, 2007

Midnight Ridazz, Schedules and BIM?

Art, Architecture, BIM, schedules, families, blocks, parameters, details or anything else we do at work or in life for that matter; can be quite empty, if we don't have some fun!!! So, if you live in Los Angeles (or anywhere near) I suggest that you block out a few hours (depending on what kind and how much "fun" you want to have) on the second Friday of each month. The Midnight Ridazz' bike rides usually start about 9:30-10 pm and go past Midnight (obviously). Everyone is welcome!!!

How much fun is it? well when 300 to 1,000 or so bicyclists get together for a group ride throughout the city, taking over the streets and riding to great music, it is more fun than can be explained with mere words...even the uphill portions are fun; 'cause you know what follows "up", right? ...No, not puke... it's "down"...

Yes, that's me on the left and a good friend & another Ridazz veteran on the right: we're just about to enter the 3rd Street tunnel below the 110 FWY. BTW: the people on the left sidewalk got up and screamed along with us...or maybe at us, I'm not so sure...

So, when I yell Midnight Ridazz, you scream: Ride on...and make it loud!!!

Save a tree, ride a bike!

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