Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Do Not Use Internet Explorer. But do use Revit like Revit!!!

In addition to potentially allowing every hacker into our computers, internet explorer (IE) may not show you text properly in some of my posts.

Today a colleague was reviewing how to apply the line based family concept with me and I noticed the text parts of the trellis steps, in the last post had all sorts of formatting oddities (yes he was using IE...though I didn't get the version).

Needless to say that leaves the content (next to) unusable for him and I guess others (sorry for that but you have to call Bill Gates out on that one). I will try to format my copy/paste differently into the future, but if you use IE don't blame me if you can't read my text or get a back door worm from Paris or Britney...

To quote cOmrade, the hacker who got into The Pentagon and NASA systems, from an August 21, 2007 issue of PC Magazine ..."Oh--and don't use internet explorer."

Shit, I heard that loud and clear years ago, that's why I never checked to see if this Blog looks OK in IE...Firefox blows it away!!! One word: DownThemAll!!!

I know cOmrade isn't the first and won't be the last to illustrate the shortcomings of IE, but I think you get my point...

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