Friday, August 03, 2007

The (Revit) thoughts that come with a fever. AKA: Trumping the 'In Place Revit Family: The Floor' post ...Even if I suggested it.

So Hello there once again. I posted in last week's (In Place Revit Family: The Floor) that we can create a metal deck (looking) floor with an in place family. Well, that's true enough but it (the in-place family aspect) kept bothering me (not really) since for one, the in place floor won't be cut by an opening such as a shaft, it won't have multiple materials, etc. Actually it seems that this stuff really does bother me, because yesterday while sleeping off the flu I woke up at about 1 am and realized something that seems blatantly obvious now...Create a normal floor and use an in place generic 'void' family and cut that from the floor!!! Then the floor will be a real floor having all the flooriness we have come to love from Revit floors, including the ability to be cut, have materials etc. MULTIPLE YAAY!!!

1. Create a floor (NOT SHOWN)... I think we can all do that, right?
2. Next, From an elevation view (perpendicular to the desired deck direction) GoTo MODELING/CREATE and choose Generic Model...(this will make the in place kind, remember?)
3. On the Modeling Tools choose "Void Form" and if you need the metal pan similar to the one I used choose the Void Extrusion... In order to draw the lines delineating the decks 'corrugation' I picked the floor plane that is staring at me (from the elevation view). 'Tab' may need to be employed to get the correct face... don't choose the top of the floor!!!

4. Next, using those lines (obviously) draw the shape to be voided out of the floor.
5. Just before finishing the family make sure the extrusion is long enough to cut the entire length of the floor in question, then using the "Cut Geometry" tool...
Cut the void from the floor. Finish the family and now a better "voilà"
Oh and as you can see from above a normal shaft opening cuts our floor...A truly elegant solution. Thanks Revit!!!

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