Saturday, May 10, 2008

Tags Tagging The "Right" Thing

A new Revit user came in with this question... "Why doesn't my Curtain Panel Tag show the number?" ...Breath just breath...since I have heard this type of thing a lot I didn't burst out into a cynical laughing fit... ((WTF is the Parameter "Number"? I know it's being picky but if we would all call things what they actually are then life may be a much better place... It's not misremembering, it's telling a lie Mr. Clemons!!! Well anyways, back to my first tangent: I think they mean to call into play the parameter "Mark"). See it's just my cynical streak running wild... Oh well, on with the solution.

Select the Tag in question and choose EDIT FAMILY, from the Options Bar; then in the family editor, select the original parameter label and click the "SELECT PARAMETER" button from the Options Bar; you should see something similar to the following:

Since there was no value input for Type Mark in the object; and since we want to see the Mark (AKA: Number) we need to change the label to look at the parameter "Mark": (popular guy)

Then simply load (the modified family) into your project (saving the family is probably suggested...just remember to change the name :-)).

Now, when the Mark value is input in the object(s) Properties' (similar to the next image)...

the panels in question will go from this:

To this:

Now just apply this to every possible tag (And more???!!!) you have and you could have 1 to over 100 problems solved with this one posting!!!

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