Monday, May 19, 2008

Smart Geometry Dumb Geometry

I see this (Smart Geometry type of thing) being widespread (on the horizon) and in Revit... do you AutoDesk? If not then I will include herein excerpts from an interesting article (and a link to the original); so perhaps we can get some groundswell for these capabilities to be built into Revit.

-My editorialization is in maroon.

"Robert Aish leaves Bentley" Yes, it's a link.
by Lars Hesselgren - 01 November 2007

"...Most people's reaction to the news that Robert Aish has resigned from Bentley and
is joining Autodesk is "Well what happens to GC now?". As you may imagine this was indeed the reaction of myself and the members of the SmartGeometry Group... (I say what happens to Revit now!!!???)

...We have to acknowledge the enormous role Robert played in creating Generative Components.
It was very much ‘his baby’...Robert Aish from YRM and Intergraph Master Architect days had joined Bentleys and was testing his first iteration of GC, so he joined the group. Our first outing with an incredibly rough Alpha was in Cambridge (2003); Robert did a new build every day...

...And of course at the end of the day Autodesk’s move underlines the acceptance into the marketplace of tools designed for the new design age where computers are used as active design participants. It is a fundamentally different concept from BIM which is a wonderful data storage method, but which leaves design out of the equation..." Yeah, Design is back into our tool box and perhaps one day it'll really be available and flexible in Revit too. -Or will that idea just be killed off?

Now, I know that there are methods for creating "approximations" or "visualizations" of complex designs, based on relatiotional formulas (I refer you to Phil Read's AU class that he gives each year) but those massing studies are a bit limited and don't generate building components, that are adequately quantifiable or "real", etc. they mainly look like objects... We need real objects to be controlled in any manner we dream.

I have one humble request: ADSK please get this type of geometry creation into Revit ASAP, I suggest you ask Mr. Aish; I'd bet he can show you how...he is on payroll, no???!!! ...or is this already happening (insert sly smile here) ...Hmmm...

That ends this transmission...

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