Sunday, July 19, 2009

How much is BIM worth?

Contract This!!!

Funny picture but interesting concept Charlie Brown.

We had a similar discussion on this at the recent LARUG meeting. Many in AEC are wondering if there is more $$$ to be had by using BIM. I know there are some new services available to be provided but I think it may be similar to the Hard-Drive principle. Several years ago a 20MB hard drive was from $100 to $500, depending on brand, etc... Now 1TB is in that same price range... the price point is fairly consistent, only the quality/quantity of service goes up... that is until someone throws the "game changing invention" wrench into the mix that is... (pronounced Flash drives (3D Sections) and Solid State Drives (real coordination), etc.)

BIM may be (or may have been) that type of wrench but now it is the standard, or seemingly close enough to the AEC standard as to illicit more $$$ for BIM projects.

Now, this next idea may be an over simplification of a concept but I hope you get the point: we may find that we can no longer charge 1 week's worth of billing for cutting a section that takes seconds to generate... I know, I know; a good section needs more work than just being a cut of the model so don't get all hung up on that, I am merely illustrating a point.

Once our clients know what coincident information comes with BIM processes then the services we deliver may grow but the price point will most likely stay fixed.

...Unless you generate really good contracts and place in some of those new services that is!!!

Is there more money to be made by using a BIM process? I am not so sure we can make more simply by pushing that we employ a BIM process. I feel the possibility of making more will be based on a few factors: a more streamlined work flow, better Architecture, better Design ideas and/or our adding new or additional Services... and when one thinks about it this has always been the case, no? -Did he say Value Added???!!!

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