Thursday, July 09, 2009

Knowledge... He said base... Some Revit Best Practices

Looking for Best Practices? Shit, every helpful document on the Web-o-Blogosphere is part of that and I do have additions that you may have read in this Blog as well... Even ADSK has their own and here are a few:
Service & Support Top Issues with file maintenance in RAC 2010: A list of best practices from their Knowledge Base.

Modeling Best Practices Pretty clear what these all deal with, no?

Families Modeling Best Practices Wow, can this help with my family?

Template Creation Best Practices I could write a book on this as well!!!

Printing Best Practices Isn't that called CTRL+P?
I like using multi-page DWF's then print those with Adobe Acrobat Pro if anyone needs PDF's... I have found some PDF drivers suck and are in any case slower than DWF in my experience, even when figuring in the time to print DWF's into PDF's.

Improving Performance of Revit Projects Two extra thoughts on this...
1) Get a really really good $3,ooo to $10,000 computer and use it until it melts. It should be good (for Revit) for 2 to 6 years (+/- depending on your opinion of "good").
2) Get a $1,000 (+/-) computer every year.

I use something similar to the second method at home and the 1st method at work... the key to the first option: 2 to 3 year lease.

Benefits of using the 64 bit Version of Revit Duh, SPEED Man, SPEED!!!
A 32 bit processor can represent numbers from 0 to 4,294,967,295 (Billions of Numbers)
A 64 bit processor can represent numbers from 0 to 18,446,744,073,709,551,615 (Quintillions!!! FYI: An even better list and my favorite Math website Is Found Here!!!)

Moving RVT Central File to a New Location (Ughh) only let beginners fuck up your files please!!! Seriously, if you do it correctly it's ok and at some times necessary!!! I joke because I care.

Locating of Journal Files For those new to journal Files: Ever ask WTF a Journal file is? Try this fun trick (BUT NOT ON A WORK COMPUTER, NOR DURING WORKING HOURS!!!)...

BTW for newcomers to Revit, this is best done after a long days' working.
1) Close Revit
2) Find your newest Journal File
3) Copy that newest Journal File to the folder where Revit.exe is
4) Drag and drop that Journal file onto Revit.exe
5) Sit back and watch!!!
6) I suggest not saving the file created by this on top of the production file!!!

Another BTW for the 'newer-to-Revit' folks: Journal files can actually be used to push 'things' into Revit files for actual and useful purposes!!! Not just to fuck with your buddies minds.

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