Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Inaugural Revit Users Group Bangalore (RUGB)

Here are a few small images from the Inaugural RUGB or Revit Users Group Bangalore, that I started in an effort to gain some Revit Karma points!!! The night was a success with a better than expected showing for a meeting where there was but a limited prior notice. With the help of folks at Studio-I (and the new RUGB Chairman; Alagu Chendur Murugan Pannir (Murugan to his friends), the night was hosted by and at Venkataramanan Associates, (just say Venka - Tara-Manan) who provided a great location and hospitality with food and refreshments in traditional Indian fashion -after the meeting... (dinner is late night typically!!!); Shanti and the whole staff at VA was great and I loved the flowers, thanks again!!!

Also supporting this and lending help was Amarnath and S. Venkatesh of Kruthi Computer Services; along with
Vinayak Suresh Shanbhag of Autodesk India Thanks for the book!!! (See this post for my history with Vinayak (pronounced Vin-Eye-Ak).

Needless to say it went really well and I will be lending any support that Murugan and the others need (or want); to see that the RUGB continues to happen regularly; and one day BIM will be to the World what it already is for some of us.

So is anyone here from India? (No I didn't say that)

This is how we do a Revit Users Group, a Revit Users Group, a Revit Users Group, This is how we do a Revit Users Group -in -Bangaluru... (if you sing that in a manner like the kiddie 'round the mulberry bush song you'll catch what I was going for)

Murugan is second from the right, in the front row...

Nice turnout!!!

Implementing Revit is both Macro and Micro... Assess, Plan, Create, Validate!!!

Why yes I'd like to enjoy some refreshments; thanks!!!

Thanks again to all who helped and all who came by!!!


  1. Greetings,

    I will reference your information on the Autodesk India User Community Newsletter for September 2009

    Sunith Babu L

  2. it was a good inititative to bring in revit users in bangalore together.

  3. We at are planning to do a course on Revit Architecture thats not aimed as a software learning course but is a comprehensive package for design students where they get to learn all about BIM and Architectural Design.
    Any contacts you can provide of people who can join us as an Instructor for the course would be of great help