Thursday, September 24, 2009

Old News New to Some: Revit on MAC Supported (at last?)

Revit on MAC has been available and working for a couple of years now using Bootcamp and/or Parralels (links below), but guess what?

Well, I'll tell you; ADSK now 'supports' Parallels...officially!! CLICK ME

So if you use a MAC then this may be the news you've been waiting for; or if you just need an official word on the support possibilities now available to us then this article is for you too.

Just consider that Bootcamp is a solution to virtualization and may be recommended, depending on how you want to work.

Do you want to use your whole MAC for Revit or just parts of it?

All =

Part = Parallels

Best =

Or you can use a PC and ignore all of this...


  1. I use a MacBook Pro to run Revit in Boot Camp. I am interested in using three macs together as an office network. So saving to central, Copy Monitor and location of the library is an issue. Does Parallel or Boot Camp allow for such a network to exist?

  2. These are independent of the networking needs or requirements of MACS. If the network is setup correctly one should have no problems. There are plenty of people using MAC networks and running Revit Work Sharing projects with centralized libraries, using both Parallels and Bootcamp and having equal success as their PC counterparts. The great thing is you can now get help from Autodesk if any issues arise!!!You may also want to read the post at the following website; though it's rather old it's a potentially useful article:


  3. I have been running Revit and AutoCAD inside of VMware Fusion (a Parallels alternative) on my Macbook Pro for about a year and a half and love it.

    Also, I have an external hard drive (ethernet connection, not usb) connected to an Airport Extreme and have no issues with central file work sharing or library access. Smooth and reliable.

    This setup has literally allowed me to Plug-and-Play as the phrase was originally intended.

  4. I am guessing that you are a different "Anonymous" but thanks!!!