Sunday, December 13, 2009

View Ranges Explained

Thanks to Paul Aubin for creating this tutorial and posting it free, about a month ago, it's quite thorough and clear. It's from his Mastering RAC 2010 DVD (See the image link)...
I would add one bitty thing necessary in my opinion: Plan Regions... I sent him the following comment:

"...Great video, nice and clear/thorough but I have a comment/clarification... you said that "the only way" to get the specialty equipment to show up was to raise the cut plane... Slightly misleading & not so... As you know one can use a plan region, to get specific objects to show up distinctly from the overall view range..."

Nit-Picky I know; and since I haven't seen the whole DVD series perhaps he covers those elsewhere; I just thought they should have been mentioned at that time as well... BUT, as I said this is a great tutorial for Reviteurs of all ages...

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