Friday, January 22, 2010

Access Denied: The 2 Mile Denial

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Until the Developement team makes Revit correctly accept large enough files we will need to deal with its 2 mile limitation.

Now while it is sometimes true that Bad CAD is the culprit, if we could use Revit for all the purposes we require...
to digress I recall that it was (or is) said that Revit was/is 'purpose built' for Architects; Well if that's true I guess we should stop doing Urban Planning projects since many are much more that 2 miles!!!

-anyhow, back to the point of this re-re-posting.

If you run into the 2 mile limits here are a couple of ways to deal with them... Best bet is to fix Revit but until that happens (if ever) the Bad CAD repairs seem to be the way out but really IMO either will do... you decide.

An unknowing Thank You goes out to AUGI members tonyisenhoff
and phyllisr at/from EUA for providing the posting: V10I01 Revit Distance Restrictions

Thanks (again) to our Blog-o-verse friend

Now all that is left is to have Revit eradicate this limitation and we could finally throw these posts and workarounds away...

P.S. Revit; I still love you.

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