Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Save(As): your Family Size

Click the Image for more from NASA today.
First things first: If you want to make Families (in Revit) do not forget to remove all unnecessary items from every Family File created; Purge, etc. before publishing to the World, Office or Project.

No Groups!!! (This works well in Human Families too... we are all individuals ;-))... OK, onto the rest...

While bouncing around AUGI
(yeah I know) I found a discussion string recalling Family File sizes and ways to reduce them. RIGHT HERE!!! there are several good tips and the usual differing viewpoints.

One thing for sure: there are ways to keep the Family Sizes to where they want/need to be for any file (and that's as small as possible). Andekan has a good blog post so HERE IS THEIR LINK too.

So, Content Team; do we need to go through all of our new libraries and do this? I hope we have a tool for that!!!

BTW: the link with the "Eagle" photograph above? Well, did that have any unnecessary weight? Plus I like the image.

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