Sunday, June 06, 2010

Architecture Needs More Creativity and Less Boredom

Click the image above to see more; or less ;-) unique Architecture.
Thanks to the Strange Buildings and the Bored Panda... HUH, Who knew Pandas liked to blog???

BTW: I used these images since a friend and I traveled to Rotterdam (during a trip to Amsterdam & England, in the ...well, a long time ago), just to see these buildings.

We had a great time (as far as I can remember)!!! The Lesbian bars there are great in Europe (a friend and I were in our 20's and kept finding bars full of women (YAAY!!!)... then we found out that we were in 'foreign' territory (read as: Lesbian Bars) ...damn and no-one bought us drinks... or did they??? I guess since I don't recall all of those years they probably did get us drinks... and most likely kicked our asses too...

Anyhow, once we traversed some 2-way roads (in a nearby village) that can only fit one car, in any direction at any one time (yes, that's what I said) we got to the 'Kubus woningen' and were lucky enough to get into a few of them... Fucking brilliant work!!! Views looking both up and down... Very good vibe...

Editorial Alert!!!
We need more individual expressions of creativity (especially in Architecture) since these types of buildings are still thought of as odd... THEY ARE NOT ODD!!! too many people are simply too boring!!!

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