Thursday, June 17, 2010

Kill BIM!!! and other USC Symposia this Summer

In my BIM travels I have had the honor of being a guest lecturer in Karen Kensek's classes at the USC School of Architecture. So to help get the word out for some events this summer I am happy to share these with you all... though if you are in or around the Los Angeles area it may be more applicable...

Prof. Karen Kensek is putting on
The Fourth Annual USC Symposium on Building Information Modeling + Analytics Plus: Karen, along with Dr. David Gerber; also from the USC School of Architecture; are putting on LA: Kill BIM (BIM for a transforming profession)... you can find information and links for registration by clicking the 2 images above...


  1. Kill BIM is only represented by Autodesk? So egocentric...there is more to BIM than Revit & Auotdesk. I woudln't attend this event if I were you! Sounds biased.

  2. Cool! Our intern will be a part of the event, so I am looking forward to attending to show my support. See you there Jay?