Friday, August 13, 2010

Keynotes: How to Use & Abuse the System: A How To for Good, Not Evil

Keynotes are a major part of Revit. For some a major part that goes unused; while others use them to many varying degrees. The following, download-able white paper will show how to use and abuse them... In a good way of course!!!

Since Tag schedules, note blocks, etc. do not give the ability to show only those items that are tagged or noted on any single sheet (yet???) know, like the old things we called "sheet notes" in the traditional drafting days?; and since the Keynote Legends actually do (YES THEY DO!!!) allow us to show only those Keynotes referencing objects that are on views that are placed on any one (or more)sheet(s); they are something we can use to replicate those old Sheet Notes
...again: showing only those items called out & placed on a sheet ...YAAY!!!

CLICK HERE if you don't get the embedded white paper (below)...
Now, Enter the White Paper:
Revit Schematic Keynotes Explained (Well, Bootlegged and Used)

That all said (and yes I am adding this on 12/21/2010) To create keynote databases a bit easier and "on the fly...ier" check this cool little standalone app for just this purpose. Cheers!!!

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