Friday, December 17, 2010

Revit Reunion: It's not a get together!!!

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So I was checking the map of locations (image above) that shows where people are hitting the blog from and found a dot in the middle of the Indian Ocean!!!

Well, it's not the Antarctic but Really Cool anyhow!!!

At first I thought one of you was Revit-ing from a ship but I zoomed in via Geo-Traffic and found that someone (you) were on the beautiful Island of Reunion!!!

Either a great Rev-vacation or a super place to work, I bet!!!

Anyhow I simply like to share some of the locations that we find Reviteurs at and perhaps we can have a Revit Reunion on Reunion!!!

Have a great Weekend all!!! Especially All of you!!!

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  1. Really nice post about Réunion island. I like so much this island. A part of my life stay on it.