Monday, December 13, 2010

What does AUGI stand for?

New photo of the current Augi Board? If you haven't seen them in a while, all of the legacy postings on AUGI (no, I will NOT put a link to them) are gone.

My guess is the legacy data will be back in pretty short order... Or not...

There can be a lot of definitions of "AUGI" yet any of the ones that come to mind right now somehow have The F word in them.

What a shortsighted happenstance it was to change their website and not keep access to the years of legacy data that so many people use(d).

What AUGI did was akin to the porn industry taking internet porn away, in order to have a new porn site...without all the porn.

Yeah; that'll work.

Great job to the AUGI board of directors. Shows how ego's can destroy so quickly what so many others built over time!!!

The heart of the matter as I see it is, that if the legacy data stays gone then fuck AUGI; they would become no more than an irrelevancy from the "olden days": If the data does come back then let's all forgive, yet never forget and perhaps keep reminding them of their folly from time to time :-).

In Steve Staffords fantastic blog & post HERE you can read his eluding to what happened and what may happen to all that gold. You can read some insights and more. I find that the best can be found in the "comments" section where Phil Read adds his own, with a bit more moderate, usercentric points and less politically correct apolo-gism... he also cites a petition to sign to spill the board and force new elections, so Get your vote on here.

We all may have thoughts on this, and perspective surely colors these thoughts but if you were to ask the person who used the AUGI legacy data as a resource, I am pretty sure they'd say that it
shows a tremendous lack of imagination and as to the loss that AUGI may cause themselves; they'll deserve it.

Hey, I am not even sending my dues in this month... Oh wait, it's free... Hmmm... I think I have viewpoints on both sides of this!!!

Who cares what they do with that old stuff; most, if not all, should be on our blogs by now anyway, right? Let's decentralize our wealth of knowledge and really use the clouds and let AUGI go the way of the Dodo. Single point of access? That is the Ipad anyhow... I don't care where the data "lives".

Back to it...Toward the end of the Revit OpEd comments SS & PR have a tete a tete of sorts and I read their comments as commendable and polite contrariness; coming from two people trying to change each others' minds and while that is natural and human and all; I do not think they ever will succeed... nor should they!

We love them just the way they are, no matter their view or stakes in this...

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  1. Hi Jay,

    You're painfully correct.

    The AUGI website has historically been the group's most important asset, its home, the glue that holds it together and makes it both free and International.

    Recall elections such as the one being proposed can foster a Renaissance in the group that is long overdue.

    I've heard multiple complaints about the "Closed" nature of the current election process, which basically only allows for a "ratification" of new "election-committee-approved" OR current board members wishing to serve another term.

    Things happen for a reason. Indeed, the group clearly needs a blood transfusion so it can regain strength.

    The type of meeting and special election that Phil Read calls for is a contingency allowed by AUGI's bylaws and a standard provision of Robert's Rules of Order. There has never been a better time, and hopefully never again, for such an extreme motion.

    Attending the annual meeting for the last three years has been a painful, sad experience for me. It keeps shrinking each year. Have you noticed it, too?

    Let's do what's necessary and help AUGI regain strength. With all our united help and cooperation, putting ego and selfish agendas aside, I believe the best for AUGI, a great community of Autodesk software users and designers, is yet to come.

    Warm regards from Los Angeles,

    Emmanuel Garcia
    Past AUGI President 2000
    Past AUGI Board Member 1996-2000