Friday, February 04, 2011

Revit Space Pilot Pro: Hello Ireland!!!

I suggest that it's time for you to look again at getting yourself some 3DConnexion products and it's time for me to cite an old post (Find it here) to get the conversation started...
Yes, I am going to review these devices and the applications they will support, vice-versa but...
The reasons for this teaser? There are 2:
1) I noticed that someone from Ireland was bumping around the web and Googled "Revit Space Pilot Pro" and found this blog!!! (Hello and welcome; I hope you find good info...)

2) Self, Pre-Redacted


  1. So, are you insinuating that soon I'll finally be able to use my two-year old SpaceNavigator in Revit (say 2012???) I wish that I'd seen this post before number two was "self-redacted"...

  2. I cannot speak to what will or won't be included in 2012 since ADSK themselves don't "know" for sure what, if any new features may be included.