Saturday, September 16, 2006

3D CONNEXION's SpacePilot: Now we're flying!!!

I am adding this prequel (12/14/2010) to let you know you keep your eyes out for a blog posting that will be coming in the near future regarding SpacePilots and all the other 3D Connexion Space-devices and... well, I can't say right now...

Well My hat is off to the folks at 3D Connexion for creating some of the coolest (not to mention useful) input augmentation digital manipulation tools, perhaps since the mouse (although I don't recommend the use of a mouse; I prefer a pen tablet for my main input device for "real" work. ...You know what 'they' say: OK, well maybe just I say it: "the pen 'tablet' is mightier than the mouse." -Plus with the tablet & SpacePilot I don't have to worry about getting carpal tunnel syndrome from dirty little rodents). Come-on, you know the mouse is always getting dirty...and they can f+*# up your carpals...

I have used my new
SpacePilot for just 2 days but am already loving both the 3D & 2D computer life a little more because of it; plus I find myself reinvigorated; although that may be due to the fact that I live near the beach and USC won again...I'm not sure.

Well, back to the point of this post...
Pan, zoom, rotate, up/down, in out, etc. they are all dynamically modified, at any time (!!!), without having to enter into a command. (WOW). Additionally, all of their products have a multitude of programmable buttons; which is always needed (well, at least by me). It even saves custom setups that can be distinct for different softwares. Included in these are some presets for Maya, 3D MAX, VIZ, Inventor, Autocad, (thus Architectural Desktop and all the other Autocad based products) and hosts of other, sometimes surprising (in a good way) supported applications... Including PhotoShop, Acrobat, Outlook, etc., etc.

A collegue of mine uses the SpaceTraveler, which is really slick, being that it is so portable while being extremely functional. Being that he is the Mechanical Maniac, he finds it invaluable. (Shoot, should I have one of those too??? I believe that will have to happen for me). The Traveler was the first of these products that I both saw and got a chance to try: and I fell in love (with the whole line of the SpaceProducts immediately), after my first time (using one).

Though the pan and zoom aspects of the SpacePilot works in Revit, there is one limitation, at least for me personally, at this time and that is it isn't fully supported for use within Revit. (No dynamic rotate or any programmability yet). I believe this will
soon be accomplished and it will become fully functional within Revit and when that day comes I will most assuredly update this Blog with that info!!!

So if you like to save time and would enjoy having greater and smoother control over the manipulating of your 3D & 2D Models, data, computer applications and environments like I do then definitely look into getting one of these great least one!!!


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