Sunday, October 09, 2011

Details in BIM: a Process Conceptualization

OK, Here is the paper I promised on Detailing concepts.

It has changed a bit (quite a bit) from the preview but I hope it's worth your while to read.

I read it as both inspiring, as well as heavy handed in it's assertions that one needs to hold to schedules and processes: but hey that's me...I just like to have projects that run as smooth as possible... XD

If you don't see the PDF below (that takes a few seconds (10-15+/- to load), as embedded from (@Scribd) then use the links way down below @ the bottom of this post.
Details in BIM a Process Conceptualization

Full Screen, Direct Link to Details in BIM: a Process Conceptualization

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  1. Is there any chance to download the files without creating an account in facebook?


  2. Great summary, I particularly like your analysis of the "pencils down" timing. I think designers all too often start to rely on the model solving all the problems, which means we are detailing and designing right through to printing, rather than progressing with a more structured approach of solving our design in principle earlier on, utilizing the model, but still doing the design thinking thoroughly with enough time to detail effectivly

  3. to download from Scribd if it needs you to login then you must. it's at least a little protection for the copyrights....