Monday, March 26, 2012

NDA 2 B Respected

Now I can exercise my fair share of civil protest & I am a hardcore defender of free speech, even if I completely disagree with the speech, but there is a line of respect that I feel needs deference: One's own word...

Now, we can all step out from that one at times but those few (perhaps just one person) who broke their ADSK NDA regarding; well, I won't even say... has In my opinion lost his credibility with me.

I don't know the reasoning he gave for breaking the NDA he agreed to but I don't care either, perhaps he did it to be first, whatever, I say (figuratively :-) Fuck him and anyone else who breaks these agreements.

Although I considered him a Revit friend, I am still left with the feeling that breaking these NDA's exhibits such lack of respect and integrity I have chosen to remove his site's link from this page's blogroll... OOOOHHHHH SCARY... Will this mean very much? probably not a lot but I hope a little... I will end with the following little note to him...

Dear, "(You Know Who You Are)Boom dot blogspot dot com",
Please rethink the importance of integrity and being true to your agreements. A man has 2 things: (to paraphrase Tony Montana from Scarface): 'A man has got 2 things in this life, his balls and his word and I won't break either for anyone' -Pretty good words, even if from a partially fictional character... WhereTF is your character?

So now that you broke your word I hope ADSK breaks your balls!!!

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