Tuesday, March 27, 2012

What's New In Revit 2013 -Well DL's take on it at least!!!

First off: Look out for AUGIworld in the April issue, as Marcello Sgambelluri & I have collaborated to pen an article a few big parts (according to us) of these "what's new" things... That article will have some How to use What's new!!! (I will add the link here when it's out!!!)

Next up: Thanks David!!! Damned timezone/dateline!!! 

I really hate the dateline sometimes... At least I can count David as one of my BIM friends... he and all the other #UKBIMmodelingFluffyKittenKillas may not have the coolness of the #NYBIMmodelingFluffyKittenKillas or the star power (also read as weather) of the #LABIMmodelingFluffyKittenKillas but they have the drop on us regarding date changes!!! Cheers to DL for being the first-best "bringer of that which is really not old at all in Revit"

...although the materials' editor, etc. is an old style similar to what was in 3D Studio MAX, when it was 3D Studio MAX ...way before ADSK even... but I digress...

Hit the image below for all that is good in the world...OK, hit the image for what's new for you in Revit 2013 at least!!!

And now for something completely different: A man with Revit What's New

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