Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Creating Custom Revit Families | Little Details Count!!!

Q: Looking to learn how to create Revit Families the right way?
A: Count on Little Details Count, in a Big Way... 750+ pages Big!!! 

Check out (and buy) Little Details Count's eBook by Michael Anonuevo. Click the image below to do just that!!! I Got Mine!!!

I hear there's a drop-down when purchasing that allows you to choose this site as your referral site, but is it necessary to use that? No. It would be nice to know what impact we are having, so if you do use it I'd appreciate it, but the choice is yours :-)

FYI: I tried to get extra discounts for you (my readers) but that wouldn't have been fair and would have put MA in an awkward position, so no discounts beyond the bulk purchase discounts that are great in themselves!! Regardless of our getting special perks or not this eBook is a great resource and well worth the money!!!

Now, to be completely transparent I did get my copy for free, perhaps for several reasons...
1) I am a friend & collaborator of Michael's
2) I am helping him get the word out here
3) I have worked with him to QA/QC his earlier Family building processes

I'd like to think it's due to our collaborations and history but whatever the reason; I give this eBook my praise & support simply because it is a great resource, jam packed with most everything one needs to build Revit content...other than an indomitable spirit that is ;-) -That last part you'll have to bring yourself and no, I am not joking: attitude is oft the deciding factor between success and failure!!!

I usually do not suggest 'pay-to-play' items, but this eBook endeavors to encapsulate all that any Reviteur would need covered to become effective & well rounded content creators. Purchasing now will also get you the Revit 2013 updated eBook...

If one wants to learn how to create Revit content and feels that $19.95 for this eBook is not worth the expenditure, I'd suggest they find another line of work. Fast!!!

At $20 (OK Michael, $19.95) I think it's a slam dunk to buy, for that special loved one in your life...Yourself!!! ;-)

That goes for BIM Leaders as well; buy copies for your staff and become the pride of your Revit community!

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