Monday, August 20, 2012

LARUG Presents | August

Well now, the Los Angeles Revit Users Group and it's LARUG Presents | August slate of presentations has been a great success so far and both the live stream and the recorded presentations are getting a lot of views, so to make things even more accessible, use the links above for info & handouts as well as below for an embed of the first night's presentations...

Note: the Adaptive Family Scaling portion was edited out based on a request by Marcello... Look for a class in the future...That will be a great one for sure.

LARUG BIM Consortium's YouTube Channel Link

We highly suggest showing up live, you never know what special surprises we will have for live attendees!!!

This week The Consortium will be in the Inland Empire (well, San Dimas actually) and Brian Andresen will be leading the meeting in San Francisco, with Autodesk 360 being represented by Scott D. Davis we hear ;-)

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