Thursday, February 07, 2013

Challenge Your BIM Self

The folks over at RevitFactCheck have proposed an experiment/challenge to get at the heart of the sameness(es) and differenc(es) and potential best-practice/workflows between Revit, Rhino and Archicad (Images link to apps). Woohooo, we will have actual data to compare apples to apples...well, software capabilities to software capabilities that is ;-)

The teams are coming together, but if you want to participate (and that entails designing the challenge itself, if desired), then just hit the links to RFC and don't forget to look at the 3 software in question... Once everyone verifies their participation, we will share that info as well...

And if you use Bentley BIM software, there is place for you/your team at the challenge, we simply don't know anyone using that stuff, so we had no one to ask...If that's you join us as well!!!

The challenge will be live, live-streamed and recorded and looks to run over several sessions, including at LARUG meetings, so check here or there to see updates. See you there...soon...

The bottom most image will get you to the RFC post directly!!!

Edit 02/11/2013: OK, so add to that Bentley (looks like) and definitely Vectorworks Teams!!! Welcome aboard!!!

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  1. Exciting challenge. The best individuals deserved the win! These programs in planning are all helpful but like all other, they likewise have flaws and disadvantages. That would be great if you can please post updates here!

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