Thursday, February 28, 2013

Getting Annotation Without Text (In Revit) | RevitWikiHelp, LARUG and Me

During the course of a discussion in a recent Revit class for Project Managers that I was presenting, I reiterated the benefits, actually the mandatory use of 'help' and of the Internet, for finding multiple sources of workflows, best practices, how-to's, pitfalls and every bit of help, etc. The like as can also be found in my article: The Ultimate Revit Hand: Every Tip, Trick, Technique & Workaround (Known & Unknown)...

Anyhow... The discussion with the PM's flowed into Keynoting and data/information fidelity in Revit and further simply in BIM and ultimately AECO itself... at a point I ventured over to RevitWikiHelp; a subsection of Autodesk WikiHelp. I was showing the breadth of captured knowledge there and when looking at the the "Community" pages; those that augment the main help topics; I found that someone we know and love(?) -ok, me... has had a portion of their work included therein and I am truly honoured (Use this link or the image above to get there)! FWIW, I didn't know my article was included there so you can understand my surprise!!!

Additionally, and to make your obtaining these and other materials for Revit, BIM and more; easily available: Here are all those forementioned materials, including handouts, the presentation's recordings as well as the other documents -the image (left) also gets one there... 

The posting shown also has handouts & documents, etc. by Troy Gates on Formula Driven Families & Noteblocks... all to download at your leisure (read as NOW ;-)

Don't forget to look at all of LARUG's blog archives for more goodies (found on the right side of the blog, below the "other sites" section...just go there and surf around!!! -Remember when it was called Web Surfing LOL...but I digress...

Thanks ADSK and YOU the reader for the continued support!!!

Finally, other than using F1 from your software, the following images will get you to all the AutodeskWikiHelp(s) main page(s).


-Cheers, -J

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