Friday, September 15, 2006

The Hollywood Guilds Demo

Hello Guild Members,
I am preparing a Demonstration for you showing Revit Building to illustrate how this technology can help streamline the Set Design Process, Pre-Visualization & Production of deliverables for you and your industry.

Please click either the "Revit in Hollywood" image above or the "Comments" link at the bottom of this post and add any requests, comments or questions you may have about this and I will either reply herein or include those ideas, examples in my demo. The demo will be scheduled to happen in the next few months.

After reviewing examples of typical, time sensitive projects required in your industry I am confident that you can realize, with the use of Revit, more design flexibility; more team input and continual production brainstorming and on the fly revisions, changes & options than can be achieved with either traditional hand drafting workflows or other not fully parametric, and/or line-based cad solutions.

By leveraging Revit's parametric change engine (how Revit works) one can have ultimate flexibility throughout the entire life of a project while maintaining a set of deliverables that not only
can be built from but are actually (and always) coordinated. -the only way I can have an uncoordinated set of working drawings is by not printing!!! (-Well I could forget to give updated prints to the builders, but that is another matter entirely!!!)

Change something once and it changes everywhere. Immediately, everywhere.
Revit: REvise+InsTantly. -That is actually where the name came from, I am told.

I look forward to hearing from you,

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