Monday, September 25, 2006

DGN Converter and More!!! Labs Rule!!!

A former colleague of mine (Happy 10 years Mr. S. How does this make you feel???) has (had?) the need to convert multiple files from .DGN to .DWG. For one thing meaning he must start to use his left hand again!!! -To work!!! For another there was a need to interface back and forth between ACAD and Microstation based applications.

I add that "left hand" comment because I found that Microstation is (was) a click-happy software that doesn't leverage (or even allow for the most part) the use of the left hand; if you are a right handed person, of course. (Hey Bentley, not only do many of us have 2 hands but we have this new thing: it's called a keyboard.) For all the lefties out here the converse would be the case, but I digress.

While checking over my links, I found that Autodesk Labs has a DGN/DWG converter!!! So if you are in need of such file conversions between DWG/DGN then just click on the picture of the Labradors below...It will bring you to the Autodesk Labs site; you can download it from there.

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